1/2 pt. Copper Spaces
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2 pt. Metal Spaces
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30 and 36 pt.
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Spaces / Quads

From 1/2 pt. coppers to 36 pt. quads, NA Graphics can supply your spacing needs.

We are in the process of having cast new spacing to replace what has sold, but it is a slow process. The price of metal has risen dramatically and there will be a revised pricing schedule as we receive new spacing. Because certain spacing like 4 and 5 to the em spaces are time consuming and difficult to cast, we will be selling this spacing in 4 oz increments. We have plenty of brass and copper spacing as well as the 2 pt lead spacing. Spacing being cast today is done on Monotype equipment. We have some precision cast spacing from American Type Founders as noted under the appropriate size designations. Cast spacing as available.

Brass, copper, and lead thin spaces are precision cut and provided in two ounce packages. For larger orders and economy, order by the pound! One pound of either brass or copper is a tremendous amount of spacing. Spaces and quads are precision cast and sold by the pound.