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Leads / Slugs

Need Strip Material?

Cast metal leads and slugs are currently unavailable from us. Our supplier of several years is not able to cast for us at the present time. When this material becomes available again we will relist it in this section.

Leads and slugs are provided in two foot strips, with a minimum order of five pound units for 2 pt through the larger sizes, and one pound for brass products. Note that the figure 5 or some larger figure has to be placed in the quantity box to order the minimum quantity for 2 pt and above.

Typemetal is heavy in relation to number of pieces received. 12 point and larger sizes should be ordered in sufficient quantity to have enough material to work with. 12 point and larger do not readily cut in hand operated lead and rule cutters.

Type metal leads and slugs ship direct from the supplier located in Northern California. UPS rates calculated on this website are from our location in Colorado, so actual charges will vary depending on destination. Please be aware of this especially on PayPal orders.

There are about five 2 pt leads to the pound (.94#) depending on the actual length, as the cut off length is variable depending on machine set up when these are cast. Thus, about 2 1/2 6 pt slugs to the pound. Material is priced by actual weight at time of shipping.

"Brass Leads, 1 point, 2 foot strips, (softer brass, same as used in thin spaces) per pound"
LS80 Quantity
"Steel Leads, one point, 30 inch strip. Cut on any hand lead and slug cutter."
Steel leads are widely used by die cutters for stability where plastic or card stock spacing will compress under lock up pressure. Sold in single strips, not by the pound. Do not cut on a printer's saw, even with carbide tipped blades.