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Pantone Mixing Set IN200 in rubber base ink needed to mix the Pantone colors. Ink Knife shown made by Lamson is not included. And Victory Ink is no longer our house brand. Southern Ink has taken the place of the now defunct Victory Ink.

We carry a wide selection of rubber and oil based inks suitable for letterpress. At the end of this listing are the basic Pantone fan decks for color matching for coated and uncoated paper. We can also furnish Pantone ink books for Metallics and Pastels, and Tints and 4-color Process. These are all new and current books.

We are presently changing our ink supplier. Victory Ink in Birmingham announced over Christmas 2015 that they were closing the business. The announcement was rather abrupt, but they had recently lost two major printing accounts when those printing plants shut down. We have been working with Southern Ink in Austin, Texas as our new supplier. This is a small company but the family owning it has many years in the ink business, and understand what we need for letterpress. They have worked closely with local letterpress printers in Austin to provide suitable inks. We had excellent results with Victory and their products and so far have been very pleased with the new ink line. Southern produces all the normal range of inks, but importantly package in sizes useful for us starting with ink in 5 oz. tubes. The ink is all made in the U.S.A. which we strongly support.

Many ink makers have discontinued the one pound can in favor of the 2.2kg can that approximates the 5 pound can. That's a lot of ink to buy, but as offset printing continues to decline, the ink makers are focusing on the bottom line and what keeps them in business. The 2.2kg can is standard with most European ink makers, including Van Son, but since we don't carry those inks, we feel fortunate that our new supplier still supports the one pound can.

New Addition to our Ink Selection

We are pleased to add a new line of ink in tubes. These are packaged in 5 oz. tubes rather than our previous line that was packaged as 4 oz tubes. These offer controlled inking, lack of skinning over of ink as often happens in cans, and long term storage. The colors listed are standard PMS colors. Ink is packaged in aluminum tubes that are easy to roll up as the ink is used. These are soy and linseed oil base inks except for the metallics that are petroleum oil base inks. We have tried these inks in our own shop and find them very satisfactory. Custom colors are available based on using PMS color numbers. Until we reorganize this page, the tubes are listed at the bottom of this page.

"Cobalt Drier, 1 pound can"
With cobalt drier, a "little dab will do you." A one pound can will last the typical letterpress printer through your grandchildren, as only a small drop is typically added to ink--too much and the ink will not dry, or it takes several days to dry. Cobalt drier is a thick liquid. Typically. most inks already contain sufficient drier for proper ink drying, so that Cobalt Drier is added only when problems develop with drying because of any number of problems--temperature, humidity, moisture content of paper, etc.
"Low Tack Rubber Base Ink, Black, 1 pound can"
IN243 Quantity
"Oil Base Ink, Black, for coated and uncoated paper, 1 pound can"
IN251 Quantity
" Oil Based Ink, Process Blue, 1 pound can"
IN255 Quantity
" Oil Based Ink, Reflex Blue, 1 pound can"
IN254 Quantity
" Oil Based Ink, Warm Red, 1 pound can"
IN256 Quantity
"No Tak, for rubber based ink, 1 pound can"
IN239 Quantity
"Oil Based Ink, Gold, 1 pound can"
This is the PMS 871 Gold. Other PMS Golds may be ordered as a special order.
"Oil Based Ink, Opaque White, 1 1/2 pound can"
IN253 Quantity
"Oil Based Ink, Process Yellow, 1 pound can"
IN257 Quantity
"Oil Base Ink, Silver, 1 pound can"
This is PMS 877 Metallic Silver
"Oil Based Ink, Transparent White, 1 pound can"

Transparent white, in both rubber base and oil, does not have a "white" color to it. It is used to extend a color to a different intensity of color. It is the base that pigments are added to in order to make an ink with color. As stated by the ink maker, Southern Ink: "We use the same base to make both, and the only way you could tell is that the oil base MIGHT skin over. We put a anti-skin in that as well to stop that, but it might."

"Rubber Based Ink, Bordeaux Red, PMS 221, 1 pound can"
IN248 Quantity
"Rubber Based Ink, Burgundy Red, PMS 201, 1 pound can"
IN249 Quantity
"Rubber Based Ink, Dark Brown, PMS 469, 1 pound can"
Also named "Autumn Brown" PMS 469
"Rubber Based Ink, Irish Green, PMS 347, 1 pound can"
IN247 Quantity
"Rubber Base Ink, Medium Brown, PMS 471, 1 pound can"
IN250 Quantity
"Rubber Base Ink, Medium Red, PMS 185, 1 pound can"
IN246 Quantity
"Rubber Base Ink, Opaque White, 1.5 pound can"
Opaque white is more dense, thus weighs more than an equal amount of ink in a one pound can.

"Rubber Based Ink, Process Blue, 1 pound can"
IN245 Quantity
"Rubber Base Ink, Reflex Blue, 1 pound can"
IN244 Quantity
"Rubber Base Ink, Transparent White, 1 pound can"
IN242 Quantity
"Rubber Base Ink, Yellow, Pantone Yellow, 1 pound can"
IN241 Quantity
"Tac Reducer, for oil based ink, 1 pound can"
IN238 Quantity
"Anti-skin aerosal spray for rollers, ink fountains and ink plates--keeps ink from drying on press for short periods of down time"

Case quantity prices are available on all the aerosal can products. Made by Sprayway.


Pantonecolorcharts "Pantone Formula Guide (fan deck) for both Uncoated and Coated Paper"
The basic color chart for mixing PMS colors for printing--note these are printed by offset and letterpress typically lays down a much thicker layer of ink than offset. PMS colors printed letterpress typically print darker than any of the Pantone sample books will show. This fan deck has both coated and uncoated samples.

Pantone's description: PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDES for selecting, specifying and matching solid PANTONE Colors feature 644 new colors included since 2010. Graphic designers, pre-press professionals and printers now have a total of 1,755 color choices to inspire their creativity and make it brilliant!

"Pantone Metallic ink color fan card book"
GG1207 Quantity
"Rubber Based Ink, Christmas Green, 1 pound can"
A new addition to our ink line--the right green for holly and other green needs.
"Rubber Based Ink, Flag Red, 1 pound can"
A new color addition to our rubber base inks.
"Rubber Based Ink, Autumn Orange, PMS 165, 1 pound can"
A new addition to our rubber base inks.
"Rubber Base Ink, Executive Blue, PMS 286, 1 pound can"
A new blue addition to our rubber base inks.
"Rubber base PMS Mixing set"
This is the basic set of ink colors used to mix the PMS system of colors. It consists of one pound cans of mixing white, PMS yellow, warm red, rubine red, rhodamine red, PMS purple, PMS violet, process blue, reflex blue, mixing black and process green. These ink colors are used in conjunction with the current PMS color decks that specify the mixing requirements.
"Rubber Base Ink, Pantone Warm Red, 1 pound can"
IN261 Quantity
"Rubber Based Ink, Pantone Rubine Red, 1 pound can"
IN262 Quantity
"Rubber Base Ink, Pantone Rhodamine Red, 1 pound can"
IN263 Quantity
"Rubber Based Ink, Pantone Purple, 1 pound can"
IN470 Quantity
"Rubber Base Ink, Pantone Violet, 1 pound can"
IN471 Quantity
"Rubber Based Ink, Pantone Mixing Black, 1 pound can"
This black is formulated to make the various PMS formulated colors.
"Rubber Based Ink, Pantone Green, 1 pound can"
IN266 Quantity
"Opaque White, 5 oz Tube"
IN501 Quantity
"Transparent White, 5 oz Tube"
IN502 Quantity
"Yellow, 5 oz Tube"
IN503 Quantity
"Process Blue, 5 oz Tube"
IN504 Quantity
"Reflex Blue, 5 oz Tube"
IN505 Quantity
"Green, 5 oz Tube"
IN506 Quantity
"Warm red, 5 oz Tube"
IN507 Quantity
"Rubine red, 5 oz Tube"
IN508 Quantity
"Rhodamine Red, 5 oz Tube"
IN509 Quantity
"Purple, 5 oz Tube"
IN510 Quantity
"Violet, 5 oz Tube"
IN511 Quantity
"Mixing Black, 5 oz Tube"
in512 Quantity
"Dense Black, 5 oz Tube"
IN513 Quantity
"Gold, PMS 871, Oil Base Ink in 5 oz Tube"
"Silver Ink, 5 oz Tube, oil base"
IN515 Quantity
"Neon Ink, PMS 801 Blue, 5 oz Tube"
IN801 to IN806
Neon inks are available in PMS801 through PMS806--please specify which PMS number you want. These are custom orders and are not kept in our stock, but drop ship directly from the ink maker.
"Process Blue, Oil Base, 5 lb. can"
This is a one time offer, basically an error in ordering, at a very good price.