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Dale Guild Foundry Type

(right) ATF Caslon 471, 18 pt. long sh and ssi ligatures

Our new casting from the Dale Guild is now in the works. We are starting with Verona 695 in 14 pt. Verona is a Humanistic styled type face and lends itself to many uses. The 12 pt and 18 pt will also be cast. The 12 pt is priced as follows: 18A cap font (about 6.25 six inch lines), $65.50; 41a lowercase font (about 8.25 six inch lines), $86.75; 15-1 figure font (about 1.8 six inch lines), $18.90, and figures will include a choice of Old Style or Lining figures.

We are pleased to have received a new casting of 16 pt Franciscan lowercase from the Dale Guild. The Dale Guild is a part-time operation as the owner, Theo Rehak, is semi-retired and casts when he is able. Theo carries on the grand traditions of the American Type Founders Co. and was trained at ATF as a type caster and matrix cutter. His foundry in New Jersey has an array of equipment from ATF that includes the Barth casting machines and matrix cutting department that is equipped with the Benton engraving machine, the key to the finest of matrix making.

NA Graphics is the agent for the Dale Guild Type Foundry of Howell, New Jersey. All type is cast from rebuilt foundry casters from the American Type Founders Company, is solid, well faced, and square in body. This is the finest type on the planet!

Please read the comments on the opening page under Health and Safety concerning the use of type. Type is comprised of lead, tin, and antimony, and when improperly used, may constitute a health hazard.

The rapidly changing metals market and devaluation of the U.S. dollar has not ignored type metal. The premium grade of type metal used by the Dale Guild has increased in price to nearly $5.50 a pound based on the most recent quote, up over 100% in a year and a half. Even Linotype metal, quoted out of Chicago, is nearly $2.50 a pound, and quotes are now valid for 24 hours. Theo prefers the new, clean metal that is properly alloyed for the Barth caster, and will now accept clean foundry type (NO monotype or linotype metal, brass, copper, and zinc) delivered to Howell in trade for new type and is allowing up to $1.50 a pound if clean and not mixed with metal of lesser quality. This will help soften the new prices that will be showing up shortly for new foundry type.

Don't see what you're looking for? We have thousands of packages of ATF type, ready to ship. In addition, the foundry is always happy to discuss custom orders. If you don't see what you're looking for, call us at (970) 387-0212 or email us at

May 12, 2006 18 pt. Caslon 471 Roman will be coming soon, with plans to cast the Italic. In order to accomodate our growing stock, we've split up the web page into different segments--see the tabs above.

February 20, 2006: 12 pt Bulmer Roman is now available in full and half fonts!

February 2006: Franciscan and Friar in 16 point are now available in fonts! Stock from previous castings are still available.

January 2006: Happy New Year! We have just finished casting fonts of 12 point Bulmer Roman. These fonts (in half and full sizes) will be available online at the end of January. Casting as begun on fonts of 16 point Franciscan. In addition, we have cast additional lines of 18 point Primrose Border Body Pieces for those wishing to enhance their holdings. More border castings are being made currently, and will be available shortly!

November 2005: We are offering Bradley Combination Ornaments in 24 point. This five line font contains ornaments designed by Will Bradley in 1953 for ATF. For more information about Will Bradley and his work, visit

September 2005: We are offering Primrose Border in 12, 18, and 24 point. Each font contains four six inch lines, two of the repeating pattern and one each of the corners and terminals. Further discussion with Theo Rehak of the Dale Guild opened up some additional information on this border. It is cast from electrotype mats that Theo feels date to right after the Civil War--late 1860s. He said that they are typical of matrices made during that period. The master patterns were often hand cut in type metal. He also said the design has been attributed to Ihlenberg, the prolific Victorian era type designer.