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NA Graphics reopened on a limited basis May 14, 2019. We have put up our website up for reference and have most of the items listed. We have some things on the site that are not available and will try to eliminate them. Some things like Kort Gauge Pins are no longer manufactured and that business is for sale.

I am recuperating from a serious illness. My long time employee, Rick Hunter, retired the end of March, leaving me to run the business on a part-time basis. We have a new employee who we are training. We are getting things back in order as the first anniversary of my illness passes. My helper when I reopened was Dave Seat and his wife Beth. They assisted for an entire week and now (July) he has his own health issues, so those who assist the letterpress community are doing our best to keep it going. The worst winter in 70 years lingers well into summer as many higher mountain roads are still closed into the middle of July.

We have a number of orders on hand to be filled, so please feel free to place your orders. Some things are getting very difficult to stock like pressboard that is now sold only as a mill order. Our first mill order of pressboard has been shipped and should be available after July 19.

Fritz Klinke

Bev Rich, Loren Lew, Rick Hunter, Casey Carroll, Fritz Klinke

Fritz's House, Winter 2018-2019